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Guitar licks&tricks: #2 Tommy Emmanuel style open string lick

Welcome to the second episode of “Guitar licks&tricks”.Tommy Emmanuel

This time we are going to learn fast open string lick in the style of  Tommy Emmanuel, one of my favorite players.  Tommy uses this kind of licks all over the place and I really like the way they sound. This one comes from intro of his song Train to Düsseldorf.  Hope you like it!

Guitar licks&tricks: #1 Tommy Emmanuel style open string lick

Key (of the song): Bm

The thought behind:
Utilizing open strings with arpeggios to create a cascading sound. There are many ways how to use this concepts in your playing.  Incorporating open strings into your arpeggios may create many interesting sounds so be creative.

Why should you learn it?
If you are into acoustic guitar playing this kind of lick can serve as a great intro part. By utilizing open strings you can play it in rapid speed. It is also a great exercise to gain strength into your fingers. In the tablature you can see “P” or “M” right above some notes. “P” means that I play that note with a  pick, “M” means that I play it with middle finger of my right hand.

TAB: #2 Tommy Emmanuel lick

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2 Responses to Guitar licks&tricks: #2 Tommy Emmanuel style open string lick

  1. Steveo July 18, 2013 at 7:44 pm #

    cool lick I think it had 4 sharps in it but resolved nicely to G major.

    I have never seen Tommy play hope too one day,

    He is a gifted player and a truly fine human.

    Met Doc who was humble but truly could see better than people with sight.
    Had a lesson with Chet Atkins, what a gift man as man.
    Tommy is kind of like Jerry Reed, great sense of humor, but his soul seems a bit greater and more open.

    Great picture and lesson thanks for sharing.

    • Lukas Kyska July 19, 2013 at 9:47 pm #

      Hey Steve,

      glad you like the lick.

      I met Tommy twice and he is such a nice guy, really open and very friendly. His live shows are just incredible, you have to see it. No DVD can capture that magic atmosphere.

      Lesson with Chet had to be dream come true, right? What did he teach you? I would like to know.

      Thank you very much for taking a time to leave a comment.


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