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The Aspiring Guitarist manifesto

Learn to listen, listen to learn
As a musician, you have to develop your ears, there is no way around. Let the sound teach you what you need to learn.

Feel the rhythm
Feel that groove deep inside. Let it move your whole body.

Explore silence
Don’t forget that what you don’t play is of the same importance as what you play.

Play what you love
Be honest to yourself, play what you love and never let anybody discourage you.

Record yourself
Do you want to know how you really sound? Push that record button and then listen carefully.

Don’t play scales, play music
Don’t get stuck by playing scales, patterns, arpeggios … Play music, play melody.

Slow down
There is no need to hurry, slow down and enjoy the moment.

As Jascha Heifetz said: “You can make a musician but not an artist.” You’ll become artist by creating.

Play mindfully
Be present, enjoy music, give it all you have.

Music is a language – communicate
Don’t try to impress anybody. Just express yourself.

Learn from other instruments
There is so much to learn from other instruments, let it inspire you.

Just play
If you are a guitar player, you have to play. That’s it.

Make music out of every note
Put one perfect note next to other. That’s how great music is done.

Be patient
It takes a lot of time to create a masterpiece, be patient, one step at a time.

Make each day count
John Wooden said it best – you can never make up for a lost day.

Be the best that you can be
Don’t try to be better than anybody else, just be the best that you can be. That’s success.

Progress is the goal
Seek  small improvements, take care of details. Never stop improving.

Put life behind your music
Enough said.

Go deep
This one is from Bruce Mau: “The deeper you go the more likely you will discover something of value. ”

Be a life-long student
Study everything that fascinates you. Your music will only get better.

Go out and play for people
It doesn’t matter if you play for five people or five hundred. Just go out and play.

Don’t make excuses
No time, no talent? So what?



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