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How to find 3 extra hours for guitar this week?

I get it.

You are busy. You have job, family, friends, kids …

It is getting tougher and tougher to find time for guitar.

But you said your are committed. You said that this time it’s gonna be different.

You said you are serious about it.

Now you should walk the talk.

Let’s stop looking for excuses and let’s start executing.

I know. It is tough. But if you are serious, the work must get done. No matter what.

I have a simple technique for you so you can find more time for your guitar.

It is very simple. Stupidly simple.

But it works. And that’s what counts.

Once I started using it, I found 3 extra hours for my guitar practice.

You can do the same. Continue Reading →

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The practice of (guitar) practice (Interview with Jonathan Harnum)

41rLXWoqvgL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_As you probably know, I started The Aspiring Guitarist as an outlet for my obsession for getting better at guitar. Over the years I’ve expanded also to other topics, but how to practice guitar more efficiently is still my favorite topic.

For a long time I thought that I am the only weirdo who finds pleasure in studying this subject but fortunately that is not true. There are quite a few people who know much more about practicing much more. And Jonathan Harnum is definitely one of them.

Jonathan Harnum is the author of a fantastic book called The Practice of Practice that focuses on how do we get better on musical instrument. In this book Jonathan distilled his own musical experience, latest scientific research and insights from many highly accomplished musicians  into a very interesting and easy-to-read guide that can help you get more out of your practice time.

I highly recommend The Practice of Practice!

Moreover, Jonathan was kind enough and agreed to do an interview for The Aspiring Guitarist. I hope you’ll enjoy this episode. Continue Reading →

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