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Guitar licks&tricks: #3 John Mayer style rhythm guitar fills

Welcome to the third episode of “Guitar licks&tricks”.John Mayer rhythm guitar fills

Today we are going to learn rhythm guitar fills in the style of John Mayer. His playing has been a huge influence on my own rhythm playing and I love the way he incorporates hammer-ons and pull offs into his chords.  The following example comes from his famous song Waiting on the world to change. Hope you like it.

Guitar licks&tricks: #3 John Mayer style rhythm guitar fills

Key: D

The thought behind:
Adding fills to chords to spice up your rhythm playing.  SRV, Jimi Hendrix and John Mayer are particularly famous for this kind of rhythm guitar. The chord progression is quite simple D – Bm – G – D – A – Bm – G – D and yet when you add all those embellishments it sounds fantastic.

Why should you learn it?
If you are tired of playing just the basic chords, you need to learn how to embellish them with hammer-ons, pull offs and slides. Also great for learning to play bottom  E string with your thumb. Playing in this style will teach you to play chords in different positions all over the fretboard.

TAB: #3 John Mayer rhythm guitar fills

Image courtesy: Rita.Hogan

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