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How to stick with your guitar practice routine?

guitar practice routineCreating a guitar practice schedule that works is one thing. Following what you have prescribed for yourself is something completely different.

Many guitarists don’t bother with creating a schedule for their guitar practice and that is perfectly ok, if they are satisfied with their progress.

But for me it wouldn’t work. I need to have some kind of plan which  guides me towards my goals. Guitar practice schedule is a must for me.

The thing I love about keeping a practice schedule is that I don’t need to do decisions about what am I going to work on. A good schedule eliminates the number of decision that I need to make. And that keeps me sane. If you have to make many choices about mundane tasks, you will have hard time making good judgments about stuff that is crucial for your progress.

There are many reasons why we do not follow through with our plans. Some of those reasons are real, some of them are just products of our own minds. But whatever the reason is, the result is always the same. The stuff that we need to get done, won’t get done. And that could be a problem.

And since I have a lot of experience with procrastination and not sticking with my own guitar practice routine, I would like to share with you four tips, that have helped me to overcome the majority of my excuses. Continue Reading →

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How can you learn guitar songs and solos faster (and remember more)?

Did you know that you can learn guitar faster?

learn guitar faster

As aspiring guitarists we are always learning something new.

We have to be constant learners, because that is the only way how to keep growing as a musician and guitarist.

In order to maximize our potential for learning, we need to optimize our learning and practicing methods, so we can learn faster. Not only we want to learn something fast, we also want to remember valuable information for as long as possible. How can we do this?

Today I want to share with you simple little strategy that can help you accelerate your learning.

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time learning new stuff. The problem is that sometimes we get so caught up in learning new stuff, that we forget to take breaks to renew our energy. It happened to me many times that I stopped practicing guitar only when I felt mentally totally exhausted. This was usually after 90 minutes without taking a break.

There were 3 problems with this approach:

  1. Last 20 – 30 minutes of my guitar practice session were usually quite unfocused, I missed the sharpness and clarity of thinking.
  2. It took me long time (30 minutes to an hour) to gain my clarity back.
  3. The next day I had hard time remembering information that I have learned in the middle of my practice session. I could remember what was at the end ( in spite of the fact that my attention was not optimal when I was learning it) but the middle parts were for some reason always the toughest to recall. Continue Reading →
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