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Why you are not getting better at guitar?

It is time to stop lying to yourself. It is time for us to face the truth.getting better at guitar

Lack of talent is not stopping you from becoming a remarkable guitar player (or from whatever you wish to be).

No, you don’t need more talent.

Stop listening to people who tell you that you can’t make it without talent.

That is just not true. Period.

Do yo want to know how do I know that?

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We do have all kind of excuses why something cannot be done. Even people who say that they are not creative at all, can come up with a bunch of excuses in an instant. When it comes to finding reasons why something is impossible to accomplish, our creativity is limitless.

Saying that you cannot become great guitar player because you don’t have enough talent is an excuse. I don’t believe that some mystical thing called talent can stop anybody from fulfilling his or her dreams.

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How long does it take to learn a new song on the guitar?

Have you ever thought about how long does it take to learn a new song?3020016417_f2d63671e8_o

Do you know how much time exactly you need to learn something new?

I have never thought about it. But I find it very interesting and would love to know it.

And I don’t mean some easy 4 chord song. I mean something more challenging. Something that actually takes some time to learn.

So, I decided to do a little experiment…

I want to know exactly how many hours will it take me to learn a new song. And for this experiment I chose a song by Doc Watson called Deep River Blues:

I will count every minute and every hour of working on this song.

My plan is first to transcribe it, then learn it piece by piece. I will use the principles of deliberate practice to learn it as fast as possible, but I definitely don’t want to neglect quality. I want to create the best version that I am currently capable of.

To make this experiment more down-to-earth , I will only practice this tune for max. 60 minutes a day. I think this way it can inspire also some other folks to learn something new without spending the whole day with guitar.

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