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Interview with Sean Ashe

“I just hope that when I am eventually done developing as a guitar player, I will have something that I could really be proud of.”  Sean  Ashe   

The Aspiring Guitarist is all about becoming the best guitar player that you can be. I started this blog because it is my passion to look for tips, advices and strategies that we can implement in order to become better players. I want to find what really separates great players from average and then use this knowledge to help aspiring guitarists accomplish their goals.

Interview is a perfect way to get some valuable tips and advices from other players. I had a precious opportunity to talk with awesome young guitar player Sean Ashe and I am really excited that I can share this interview with you.  It is full  of great tips and interesting insights. Hope you like it.


How long do you play guitar?

 I’ve been playing guitar for about five and a half years. I started when I was in 8th grade but I didn’t take it seriously for first year or two. I was kind of goofing around, playing some classic rock stuff. And then about 4 years ago I started getting the idea of doing it seriously. So ever since then I’ve been practicing stuff. It’s gonna be six years in November. It’s not that long, but it is pretty long time. I am just obsessed I guess.

Who was your teacher in the beginning?

My dad is playing his whole life so I asked him to teach me how to play. He showed me the basics. Besides that I am self-taught. I never had a lesson. But my biggest teacher is all the resources on the internet, there is so much out there.

So youtube and tabs?

Yes. I would find songs that I liked and wanted to play and then I just looked for tabs or youtube videos. There are so many free resources, it’s awesome.

And what resources do you use now?

I still use youtube videos and I have a lot of friends who are amazing guitar players. I always Skype with them, we trade licks here and there. I have been learning a lot lately from one of my friends – his name is Drew Elliott. He is an insane player. He can play anything, I have been stealing a lot of his licks. I am also still learning from any youtube tutorials I can find. Recently from Rick Graham. I have a book that I have been using a lot recently – it is called Guthrie Govan’s Creative guitar 2: Advanced techniques. I also still use John Petrucci’s Rock Discipline. I find music that I like and I learn it and then I am compelled to learn the theory behind it.

Do you also transcribe stuff?

Yeah, I use my ears because that is the most important part of music but I am also trying to learn why things sound the way they do. I just try to learn as much as I can.

Do you have fixed practice routine that you follow every day?

My practice routine depends on what the focus of the day is. Someday I just do improvisation, I just go to youtube and play over backing tracks for two hours. Some days I have the metronome on and I am just working on chops, some days I might be recording. But there is no set routine, it just pretty much depends on my mood for the day.

But one thing that I do every day is warm-up. I use Rock discipline warm-up exercises, and I do stretches, I am very careful with my hands.

I used to be really involved in doing exercises but I just like to play now. I found that trying to be musical with things is often a lot better for technique because you are getting used to playing music.

How much do you practice everyday?

A lot. It’s not a set time but usually I play guitar about six hours a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less, it depends on the day. When I was in high school I practiced about eight to nine hours. Now it depends on what I am working on.

But it’s better to practice one hour a day everyday than is to practice like 30 minutes one day and four hours the next. It’s better to be consistent. Consistency is the key.

In my mind anyone can play anything on any instrument. But it comes down to putting enough time in and you have to be used to doing it. You can’t just pick up a guitar and play something you have never played before. You have to take time to learn it. Continue Reading →

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Joe Bonamassa interview

Joe Bonamassa interview

“Be yourself. No matter what style of music you like, if you feel it, you can sell it. If you don’t feel it, don’t bother.” Joe Bonamassa

I had a great opportunity to interview one of my guitar heroes – Joe Bonamassa. Joe is very humble and down-to-earth guy and a fantastic guitar player.

Making this interview with him was a dream come true and I was very excited (as you can see in the video 🙂 ) Hope you’ll  like the interview as much as I do.



  • 00:20 How many guitars does Joe have in his collection?
  • 01:00 Favourite guitars of Joe Bonamassa
  • 02:20 What other hobbies except guitar does Joe have?
  • 04:20 How did Joe develop such a great blues feeling at the age of 12?
  • 05:59 Great blues lick!
  • 06:45 Advice for aspiring guitarists
  • 06:53 Joe plays Chet Atkins
  • 07:40 Why you shouldn’t follow musical trends?
  • 08:15 How did Joe come up with his cover version of Just got paid?
  • 10:00 Joe talking about Eric Johnson style fast licks
  • 13:05 Leslie West’s advice to Joe Continue Reading →
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