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3 little secrets to become a better guitarist

I think that no matter what you do, there is always a room for improvement.Take-Action

There is always a possibility to do things better and in a more effective way. As I said before, I believe that there are shortcuts from point A to point B.

But here is the secret.

If you want to find those shortcuts, you have to work smarter and harder than most people are willing to. If you want to find strategies that work, you’ve got to spend some time looking for them.

You’ve got to invest your energy into upgrading your practice and learning habits. That’s how you can find solutions to most of your guitar related problems.

But remember, it is not a magic solution or a quick-fix. The road to success is little bit different than most people imagine. It is not possible to become a fantastic guitar player overnight. Even if you use the best methods available, it will take you few years and lot of sweat to become extraordinary. Not that the time would matter, but just to make sure we get it right.

Never give up on a dream just because of the length of time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.
H. Jackson Brown

And since I am in the mood of revealing some of my “secrets” today, here is another one.

The best strategies and methods for becoming a better guitarist are the ones that you’ve probably heard hundreds of times before. The rules of efficient guitar practice are straightforward. Continue Reading →

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Protect your time, energy and attention

8222922317_8e178d7f6a_bDid you make your New Year’s resolution? Did you set your goals for 2013? Great, so did I. And as you probably know, that was the easy part. Now is the time to make them come true.

I spent last week of 2012 thinking about all my accomplishments, failures and challenges of the last year. I have also created a plan for this upcoming year – all the things that I want to accomplish professionally and personally.
I spent a lot of time visualizing how do I want 2013 to look like. I did my best to really think things through to make this year the best year of my life. I have my plan and now I need to start working towards making it a reality.

As I was thinking about last year’s failures and disappointments, I’ve identified few critical things that I have to change in order to get where I want to. And one thing that I really have to work on is getting much more strategic when it comes to using my focus and attention.

“People don’t understand that attention is a finite resource, like money. Do you want to invest your cognitive cash on endless Twittering or Net surfing or couch potatoing? You’re constantly making choices, and your choices determine your experience.” Winifred Gallagher

The question is: How do I want to spend my limited resources of time, energy and focus? Do I want to spend it on meaningless stuff or do I want to make my life remarkable?

And for this year I chose the second option. If I want to make my dreams come true, I have to use all of my limited resources to the best of my ability. And since we are creatures of habits I plan to slowly build my habits, so they will serve me on my journey.

Here are few things that I started to use in my day-to-day life:

1. Doing the most important stuff as the first thing in the morning.
2. Turning off all the distractions when I am working or practicing – internet and cell phone in my case.
3. Creating an inspirational and well-organized working environment – I have built my first standing desk to boost my productivity. It looks something like this.
4. Organizing all documents (paper or electronic) to stop wasting time searching for something when I need it (I still need to do some more work here. The main reason why I like to organize my stuff is because organizing is all about creating space. Once you organize all your stuff, you have free space for unleashing your creativity.)

Here are few things that I plan to implement (or improve) in following weeks:

1. Creating a detailed schedule for everyday
2. Automatizing processes that I can. Stop wasting my time doing things that can be done automatically.
3. Being more intentional – stop living my life on auto-pilot (I know this is a huge one, so I will write an article in a near future about how successful I am with that.)
4. Strict separation of work and life or in other words:

“Never half ass two things. Whole ass one thing.”  Ron Swanson

The less choices you’ve got to make about things that are not so important, the more energy and attention you’ve got for things that matters. If you do your thinking and planning in advance you have more time for doing, when you are in your peak state.

Every New Year’s resolution will fail if we do not remind ourselves daily what do we want to accomplish. New Year is not magical. It is just a good time to start something that we put off for so long. In order to succeed we have to make our path crystal clear. New Year’s motivation will eventually fade away if we do not create habits and rituals that keep us on track. But once we get our momentum, big things can happen.

Protect your time, energy and attention. Use them to make your life the best. I will do the same.


Photo by: marsmet546

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