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How to become a guitar teacher? (with Donnie Schexnayder)

The Aspiring Guitarist Podcast

If you want to take your guitar playing skills into the next level, maybe it is time to learn how to become a guitar teacher.

I think that being a guitar teacher is probably the best job for somebody who wants to do music full time. You get to spend a lot of time with your guitar surrounded by other musicians. How can this get any better?

If you are thinking about starting your own teaching business, listen to the second episode of  The Aspiring Guitarist Podcast.

My guest, Donnie Schexnayder, is the founder of Start Teaching, a website dedicated to help you do music full time by creating a successful guitar teaching business. Donnie is an expert in the field of teaching people how to set up their own teaching business and he shares with us a lot of valuable insights and information.

In this session, you learn about:

– when is the right time to start teaching guitar
– biggest mistake of new guitar teachers
– how to market your guitar teaching business
– time management for guitar teachers
– how to stand out in the competition
– creating more value for your students
– how becoming a guitar teacher can help you to become a better guitar player

Items mentioned in this podcast:

Start Teaching

Video: How to set up your own guitar teaching website in 30 minutes or less

Free eBook – Teaching Guitar the Smart way

Guitar Pro

I had a great time talking to Donnie and I hope you’ll enjoy the interview. And don’t forget to visit Donnie’s site Start Teaching

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