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3 little secrets to become a better guitarist

I think that no matter what you do, there is always a room for improvement.Take-Action

There is always a possibility to do things better and in a more effective way. As I said before, I believe that there are shortcuts from point A to point B.

But here is the secret.

If you want to find those shortcuts, you have to work smarter and harder than most people are willing to. If you want to find strategies that work, you’ve got to spend some time looking for them.

You’ve got to invest your energy into upgrading your practice and learning habits. That’s how you can find solutions to most of your guitar related problems.

But remember, it is not a magic solution or a quick-fix. The road to success is little bit different than most people imagine. It is not possible to become a fantastic guitar player overnight. Even if you use the best methods available, it will take you few years and lot of sweat to become extraordinary. Not that the time would matter, but just to make sure we get it right.

Never give up on a dream just because of the length of time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.
H. Jackson Brown

And since I am in the mood of revealing some of my “secrets” today, here is another one.

The best strategies and methods for becoming a better guitarist are the ones that you’ve probably heard hundreds of times before. The rules of efficient guitar practice are straightforward.

Here are few of them:

Practice slowly and mindfully
Focus on your tone and touch
Control comes first, speed second
Spend more time developing your ears than you spend practicing scales

The problem is that we usually do not pay much attention to these because we are looking for something more shiny. Something that doesn’t require much effort. But by constantly looking for the next best thing we are loosing the opportunity to get good at what we do.

The rules of effective learning and practicing are very simple, yet we have hard times to understand them properly. And that’s why we end up looking for something more fancy instead.

We spread ourselves too wide but we are not getting enough depth. We flood ourselves with information, but forget the execution. And that’s why we won’t move past mediocrity.

It took me years to start understanding the fundamentals and yet I still feel like I am just at the beginning. The more I study, think and practice them, the more I am amazed of how valuable they are. No we don’t need more knowledge and equipment, we need to learn how to use what we already have.

The only way how to get proper understanding is by taking action. As the old saying goes: “Use it or loose it.” Thinking and studying can only take you so far. If you want to accelerate your growth, you have to take action. Every single day.

If you want to accomplish your goals, you first need to get into the habit of doing the work that is important to you, no matter how limited your resources are. Once your habits are in place, you can start thinking about upgrading your equipment. The trouble is that most people are doing this the other way around.

So here are my three little secrets summarized:

#1 Shortcuts are discovered when you work harder and smarter than the majority of people
#2 The best strategies for rapid learning are the ones that you already know but don’t apply
#3 Taking action is the best way how to get clarity and understanding

Now that we all know what we need to do, there is only one thing left. To actually do it. And that’s where your true commitment shows up. Go grab your guitar and make some music. Just do it.

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